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This man, Michael, is the best, hands down. He helped tremendously when my wife and I didn’t know what to do after getting to an accident. When the accident first happened, we were referred to some janky lawyers that wouldn’t return our calls or keep us updated with our case, which was an easy case. We weren’t at fault, and the person who hit us admitted to hitting us. My boy Michael Royer heard about our issue and took on our case. He connected us with the fantastic law firm (Sasooness Law Group) and took on our case. From day one, he was calling us and keeping us updated, and even giving us information on how things work with cases like ours. He got my family and me a huge settlement which was way more than I expected. I appreciate everything this man has done for me and my family. He’s been more than a friend and is considered family. Thanks again.
Michael is a fierce litigator and lawyer. He definitely gets the job done with more than satisfactory outcomes. He makes sure he advocates for what's best for the client and fought hard to get me the best settlement and truly cared about my needs and what I wanted. Along the way, he makes sure he communicates everything and keeps his client well informed and prepared, which is hugely appreciated. He definitely makes the whole process of going through a lawsuit more tolerable, manageable and a more personable experience, something you don't get from every lawyer. I would definitely recommend relying on Michael for any lawsuits or other lawyer needs!
I cannot emphasize enough about the quick and aggressive action Atty Royer took to solve my case. He really was extraordinary and methodically & meticulously gathered my info and proceeded to move my case forward from DAY 1. He not only won my case but I received a a substantial settlement. I would recommend him to everyone that had an injury due to a substandard product. I honestly and whole heartedly think he deserves 10 stars, not five. Dont hesitate to hire him for any personal injury case. He was, by far, the best attorney I could have had to handle my case. He deserves my highest recommendation!!!
Michael Royer was my personal injury lawyer when I was involved in a car accident that sent me to the hospital. He was great and made the process so much better. He was very thorough in his explanations and with every step he was taking in my case. Anything I didn’t understand, he helped me through. He gave me great advice and didn’t pressure me to do anything I didn’t want to do regarding my case. Michael fought hard for my case, going above my expectations, pushing for a higher settlement and succeeding. He checks in every now and then and always wishes his clients well. I’m very happy with his service and the Sassooness law group.
I received injuries from a fall at a motel. After trying to work with the motels insurance company I was given Michael's name. It was such a relief to have someone handle the hurdles involved with getting a settlement . He was great at explaining how this case would proceed and what to expect along the way. He listened to what I had to say, he was understanding and very patient. I liked that he kept me informed as things progressed. I felt that I could reach out if I had questions and he treated me with respect. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney to represent me.
I had the pleasure to work with Michael after a car accident. I was so amazed by his professionalism, empathy, and effectiveness. He advocated for me and understood the impact this matter took on my family and me. I worked with three other firms before working with Michael and Samantha, and I can say confidently that the Sasooness Group is the best firm to aid in personal injury cases. Michael and Samantha are God-sent. I appreciate their hard work and efforts to help my family and me during a very difficult period.
A friend referred me to Michael Royer after I was let go from my job at 8 months pregnant. I initially spoke with one of Michael’s partners and was told they wouldn’t take the case as my ex employer was a very small company & these cases sometimes drag for years. Michael took it upon himself to call me back shortly after and said although we won’t be taking the case to court, he could try to help by pushing for a settlement. It was a lot of back and forth between he and the company but he did it! I’m SO grateful for his help. Working with him was a pleasure
Michael went above and beyond to help me with my case. I was really concerned on which way to go about this because I had never been a situation like this. He took care everything and the main thing he wanted me to do was get better. He made the job seem easy like he was built for it and that’s the kind of people you want having your back and helping you through serious moments in your life. I met him for the first time today and I’m grateful to God that he was on my path. Thank you Michael and God bless!
Great Lawyer. It was my first time having a lawyer. He was very clear explaining everything to me. Kept In Touch And Kept Me in the loop with everything. He Did An Outstanding Job
Me and my mom were injured in an accident and the other driver lied and said it was my fault but he took the case to court and fought hard and ended up getting a great settlement
Michael was absolutely magnificent to work with , stayed in touch throughout the whole process and got me the best possible outcome during both of my cases. Will definitely be using him in the future!
I contacted Michael after my car accident. He walked me through everything I needed to know up front. He also kept me up to date every step of the way. Michael and his team worked hard to get me the maximum payment possible.