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Unparalleled Representation for Personal Injury & Employment Clients

The attorneys at Royer Law Group, APC offer rigorous and dependable representation for personal injury victims and employment clients. With experience navigating personal injury and employment, our law firm works tirelessly to hold negligent and discriminatory parties accountable for their actions. Our attorneys have a proven track record of success assisting clients with restoration, damages, and reputation after experiencing injury and inequality. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients and getting you the compensation you deserve. The attorneys at Royer Law Group, APC are here for you when you need us the most. Our areas of expertise include:

Personal Injury

Personal Injury is defined as an incident where another person’s negligence causes you harm or injury. Personal injury cases are usually happenstance and this sudden moment can have a significant effect on your livelihood. These types of cases can range from car accidents to slip and falls, bicycle injuries, dog bites, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death, burn injuries, and more. Our law group can help clients with claims, and lawsuits if necessary. Through fierce litigation, persuasive settlement efforts and keen knowledge of California law, we are committed to fighting on your behalf. Do not assume that your case is too small to warrant attention. We encourage you to get in touch with our team if you have suffered harm or injury of any kind to see how we can assist. You do not have to fight alone.


Ignoring or misinterpreting California employment laws to the detriment of California employees is unthinkable; however, this happens to be a reality for some. Some employers choose to ignore employment statutes which often results in unlawful harassment, discrimination at the workplace, and the loss of employment. Most intolerance is based on sex or race - nevertheless age, ancestry, religion, gender, or veteran status can play a huge role. Have you been recently terminated or forced to quit your employment in California? Have you suffered sexual harassment, retaliation, or rest and meal break violations? We understand that this can be a devastating experience and it is not easy to deal with. Instances like this can take an emotional toll on you, cause financial strain, and place burdens on your loved ones. You do not have to face these challenges alone. The legal team at Royer Law Group, APC will provide legal counsel and present your best options to rightfully pursue your past or current employer. We are committed to protecting your employee rights and making sure that justice is served on your behalf. Contact us today at (949) 572-3813 for your free case evaluation.

Workers Compensation

You may qualify to receive workers compensation if you have been injured or disabled arising out of and in the course of employment. All California employers must provide workers compensation benefits according to California Labor Code Section 3700. Labor laws also provide benefits to dependents if a loved one perishes due to work-related accidents or illnesses. Potential compensation can include coverage of medical expenses accrued, lost wages due to injuries sustained, and rehabilitation costs to assist with recovery. Royer Law Group, APC can help you receive a lump sum cash settlement for your workplace injury. Our attorneys are proud advocates for their clients and are devoted to fighting for justice. If you have been injured, wrongfully let go from your employment, or had an accident at work, contact our compassionate attorneys as soon as possible. Our law office may be able to help you recover financial losses and remedy other injuries you have suffered as a result. To learn more about how Royer Law Group, APC may be able to help you, contact us for your free case review today.